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PrinCube Fire Extinguisher Ball Laser Packer Snap Maker

Fire Extinguisher Ball

A New Fire Fighting Technology

Smart Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Non-Toxic Extingushing
No Maintenance Required
Throw the Fire Extinguisher Ball into the fire / place it around fire prone are
The Fire Extinguisher Ball will be triggered withing 3-5 seconds
Lightweight Portable and Easy to use <


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World's Smallest Mobile Printer

Plam-size and lightweight
Enables color printing anywhere

Coming Soon.

Laser Pecker

Laser Engraving

Small and lightweight
Engraving on most material

Coming Soon.

Snap Maker

3 in 1 Engraving and 3D Printer

3D Printer
Laser Engraving
CNC Wood Engraving

Coming Soon.